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Our purpose

Freedom Foundations

We want to give everyone the freedom to truly own, by building the foundations for the future of the free web.


Our vision

The standard for trust in Web3

Our vision is to become the most trusted hub for Web3 experiences.


Join us as we empower millions through Trust

Founded 2017

Our journey started with a clear goal: to simplify and democratize crypto, making it accessible to everyone.


Trusted by 70M+ people

We've built the trust of millions by making Web3 safer, easier, and more seamless to access.

We're not stopping there

We're laying the foundation to bring more people than ever safely on-chain.


Our Values

User Obsessed

We're obsessed with users' problems and constantly seek better solutions.

Ownership and accountability

We pursue outcomes with determination, passion, and grit.

Open & Collaborative

Become the most trusted hub for Web3 experiences.

Humble and growth mindset

We're curious, open-minded, humble, and adaptable. We don't expect or promise perfection.


Do no evil, act in good conscience, and inspire trust by holding high standards in everything that we do.


We bias towards action, never expect perfection, done is better than perfect.

We're a passionate team of Web3 builders & creators

Our team is as unique and decentralized as the products we build. We span across 19 different time zones, and all walks of life.


Simple and convenient to use, seamless to explore

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